Bristol School of Yoga

A prospectus website and email automation system for Bristol's leading yoga school


Bristol School of Yoga

Bristol School of Yoga is the sister company of Bristol City Yoga, Bristol's leading yoga studio. BSY needed website that would allow them to showcase the range courses they had available for yoga instructors while also reducing the time spent managing applications.

Minimising the client's workload

After having previously established the course offerings under the parent company, the client understood the importance of minimising the amount of admin the team would have to undertake in order to save money.

Previously, the team would manually send prospectus PDFs to those who expressed interest, screen applicant submissions, send and process returns of the documents needed to process applications and manually process payments. It was time consuming and expensive, requiring a dedicated admin assistant.

It was important that the new website simplified this process, automating as much as of this workload as possible to reduce admin costs. We created automated email systems to send prospectuses to interested students. Students are then added to lists based on their chosen course and relevant course information is sent to then at a time and date that is appropriate to their enrolment date.

We also implemented booking systems into the site to significantly reduce the amount of time spent processing applicants.

Easy to manage & inexpensive to maintain

It was important that the client could add and remove courses to the site and update the site content without developer input.

For courses, we created a bespoke course system that made adding new courses easy. Adding courses was so easy in fact, that staff were able to log into the site and add new courses without any additional training.

For pages that required more dynamic content such as the homepage or the contact page, we implemented our page builder and created a number of modules that the client could drag into the page and update as necessary. As BSY's site expands, we're able to create new modules that incorporate new features that can be implemented using the builder

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