Annabel Giraud Telme

An easy to manage e-commerce store for a high-end, sustainable fashion designer


Annabel Giraud Telme

Annabel Giraud Telme is a sustainable and ethical fashion designer.

The client required an e-commerce site that would allow the sale of their products while being transparent in the fabrics used and how pricing of each product is calculated. We created a custom Woocommerce implementation that would allow the client to enter relevant fabric and cost calculation information and have this displayed appropriately on the product page.

It was important that the website was easy to maintain without developer input so we ensured the homepage was dynamically populated, allowing the client to select what products and news item were featured on the homepage just by ticking a box.

We created a bespoke post type that would allow the client to easily showcase items that weren’t available for purchase. The client could enter a title, information on the item and define a gallery of images and the system would display the information and images appropriately. This negated the need for a page builder that would introduce potential design and consistency issues.