About us

Who we are and why we’re different

We’re a small team of creatives with expertise in design, ecommerce and strategy. We work together to deliver a product that our customers can be proud to use as a tool for growth. We take on a limited number of clients each month to ensure we deliver exceptional service and can confidently see a project through to completion and beyond.

We’re about building long-lasting, personal relationships with our clients. We don’t just develop a site or strategy; we implement it, we proactively support you through your business’ growth and we’re only ever a phone call away.

Meet the team


Kaine Shutler

With a history in agency design and project management, Kaine’s perfectly placed to manage client accounts and lead all web and ecommerce design projects.


Igor Mitic

Drawing from his experience as lead developer at various design agencies, Igor can develop beautiful sites with the user experience at the forefront of each build.


Rog How

By day, Rog is busy managing his own ecommerce business and procurement service, Howkapow. He’s able to use his years of experience to consult with our clients and develop ongoing strategies.


Olivia Jones

Writer of The Golden Pulse and having managed projects for a number of design agencies, Olivia is well versed in creating copy for the web.


Nick Carswell

Nick manages ours and our clients servers ensuring sites, emails and systems run smoothly.

Why we're different

Exceptional service

We take on no more than four major projects per month. This ensures that we can deliver exceptional service and provide the resources necessary to see a project through to launch and beyond.

We work fast

Because we take on a limited number of clients, most of our design projects are complete in under 30 days. We commit to the support of our clients and reserve schedule time to update sites promptly.

Ongoing support

We love supporting our clients and strive to assist through their growth. We offer ongoing support packages at reduced rates to ensure our services are affordable throughout project lifetimes.

Everything covered

All of your digital marketing and technical management can be handled by a single team; this means all of your material is coherent and will work in harmony, providing consistent experiences accross multiple formats.

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